Our story...

Once upon a time there was a little boy called John growing up in Coventry and one day his big brother bought him a ticket to see a band called Genesis. That night, although he didn’t know then, was to shape John’s destiny. He watched Phil Collins drumming, he was mesmerised by the sound and the rhythm and the feeling and he decided then that one day he was going to be a drummer.

So he went home and found some chopsticks in the kitchen drawer and started drumming. He drummed everywhere and on everything … he drummed his hands on his knees, he drummed his pencils on his desk at school, he drummed his knife and fork on the kitchen table. Until, one day, close to his 16th birthday, John’s dad could stand it no more – ‘come on son’, he said, ‘I’ve got something to show you’ and there in the garage was a shiny, brand spanking new Maxwin drum kit. John nearly cried (in fact he did cry, but he didn’t want anyone to know, especially not his dad!).

After that, John failed his A levels and drummed – in good bands, in mediocre bands and in some rubbish ones. He met a guy called Paul Johnston and worked with him in his recording studio for 15 years.

Then suddenly one day, he decided he would stop drumming, he would go to college, get a degree and a proper job … with computers – surely there must be money in working with computers!. So John applied to Coventry Poly (sorry, university) and spent 4 years doing a business studies degree (and playing football with his new young friends, and drinking and other student stuff). When he finished uni., John got a job in computers and before long he had a shiny company car, his own office and lots of money.

But John was not happy. He met a lovely girl called Chloe and they got married, this made John happier, but there was still something missing. They had a beautiful baby girl called Kashenka. This made John very happy (and also very tired) but still there was something more he wanted. Suddenly it hit him – he missed the music! So one day, John said to Chloe, ‘I want to open a music shop’.

‘But we’ll have no money and I’m pregnant’ said Chloe, ‘how will we pay the cleaner?’.

‘I’ll do the cleaning’, said John, ‘I want to open a music shop’.

‘But you know nothing about selling instruments’, said his friends.

‘I’ll learn’, said John, ‘I want to open a music shop’.

‘But you have no trade references’, said the suppliers. ‘Someone will believe in me’ said John. 


So he did and Chloe helped him, and they had another beautiful girl called Anoushka, and a wonderful boy called JoJo, and they shared the cleaning (is this true?) and he learnt about selling instruments and a man from Yamaha believed in him and helped him to set up a trade account and the rest … well, you know the rest.

The end (& the beginning)